Learning to typeset, made layout layout. The only thing that didn’t work out for me was to configure the Carousel slider in IE7, I can’t figure out what it is, in sl8, 9 and other browsers the slider works.
Layout with a non-working plugin in IE7 is here http://rghost.ru/41673813
When you open the page in IE7, the following error occurs
alt text

Line: 609 Error: jCarousel: No width / height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting ...

  • "File deleted" - Andrei Arshinov
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    @HashCode, in the body of the message there is a complaint about the plug-in that is not working in IE7 and it was possible to help a person with this. The problem is that the topic is not called "Why does the roundabout in IE7 not work?". People learn, ask questions and ask for opinions. I thought this was what Hashcode was for. It is better to have such topics than 100,500 topics with the title “aaaaa, @ font-face” does not work for me. And there they don’t even try to use the search - before asking a question. - iKuzko
  • Here is the latest version of the layout. with incomprehensible behavior of teaser in IE7 rghost.ru/41677367 - Heidel

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Good layout. I did not evaluate it on the subject of cross-browser compatibility - you can do it yourself. I watched the overall style - good. The only thing that I would change is:

  1. remove the hover effect from the active menu item in the header (so that the blue down arrow disappears) and you can even change the cursor to default, not the hand)

  2. Lists in the text to make lists through UL, and not through BR. This applies to the lists of "what we produce", "dispel doubts."

UPD: Carousels in IE7 - correct the initialization of the plug-in. initCallback: mycarousel_initCallback,}); After the last line should not be a comma.

UPD2: For some reason the Carousel cannot determine the width of the elements that it scrolls in IE7. There is an itemFallbackDimension property. I think we should use it and specify the width of the element that is scrolled in it.

If you ’re looking for some reason, you can’t find out what you’re looking for.

At the very bottom of the page

  • Yes, thanks, I adjusted the active menu item in the header, changed the cursor on it to default, made lists in the text. On cross-browser compatibility, I tried to do everything, the main problem is the roundabout that does not work in 7e. On the carousel: I removed the comma, but it still doesn’t work in IE7, now I get an error, I added a link to the error screen and the error text to the topic. Moreover, it finds an error in the script of the carousel itself. This error means that for which element you need to specify the dimensions, or something else? - Heidel 3:31
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    Ie7 does not cope with the determination of the size of the block, automatically. You can search for the reason in the plugin, but try using itemFallbackDimension more quickly. If it does not help then to understand more. - iKuzko
  • Yes, thanks, it helped, but only partly - the right button (nextButton) on the carousel disappeared somewhere, and when you click on the left control button (prevButtom), either nothing happens or the entire content of the carousel disappears (divas teaserText and teaserImage), and there is only the prevButtom button. - Heidel
  • And, everything, I found the right control button, for some reason she left somewhere, wrote in the style sheet for IE7 for a new distance .jcarousel-next {left: 870px;}, she stood in place. - Heidel 4:14
  • Changing images in the teaser is still incomprehensible. There are three points now <li> </ li>, in which lies what is spinning in the carousel. When you open a page in IE7, the first three or four teasers pass smoothly one after another, then the last one leaves, and the next one does not appear, although the carousel has a wrap: 'circular' and it works in other browsers. And here the last teaser leaves, then for some time - an empty place, then the next one leaves, then again an empty place and so on. - Heidel