It is considered that python is a web language or a language for small application scripts. It is interesting to know if there are any projects that use python as their primary language. Would you write a program in python?

  • games use python for example, even large ones (World of tanks, for example, part of the python functional is written, the interface is on Scaleform flash, the engine itself is on C ++ IMNIP) - thunder
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    In the realm of commercial software, python is not very popular, since the source code is hard enough to hide))) For writing open source software, it is quite popular, especially in Nix. - skegg

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A bunch of programs written in python. What was immediately remembered:

  • Deluge - torrent client
  • Gajim - jabber client
  • ranger - file manager
  • mirage - view images
  • Wicd - wifi connection utility

Plugins are also written on python in programs like Gimp, Blender, Inscape

  • Well, sometimes they are written on Python, then they correspond to something more nimble (C ++). But in general, there are many programs on Python (one twisted is worth something. And what is written on it ...) - alexlz

Dropbox :

Both the Dropbox server and the desktop client software are written in python. [24] The desktop client uses GUI toolkits such as wxWidgets and Cocoa. Other notable Python libraries include Twisted, ctypes, and pywin32.

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