In an HTML document for some reason I cannot change the language of the content. I am writing: <html lang = "ru">.

  • and? What language do you want to change? make translation page? :)))) - thunder
  • Yes. I change English to Russian, but I can't ... - artyom
  • @artyom is only in fairy tales it happens that with a wave of the wand everything was translated :-) - lampa
  • five
    patstalom))))) - Ale_x
  • one
    What an elegant solution)) - Vfvtnjd

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The browser itself cannot translate text from one language to another. He, in principle, does not understand what is written in the page, except tags, scripts and styles. If you need to make a website in several languages ​​(or translate a page), I recommend reading the article about google translate ( Translate the page into another language )