How to calculate where the problem is?

Link: 1>c:\включени _c++ 2012\xtree(386): warning BK4504: файл содержит слишком много ссылок; дальнейшие ссылки из этого источника будут игнорироваться

The problem is that the project has translated into multi-module mode. The average .cpp file began to compile for 1-3 seconds.

Then something happened, but I do not remember what exactly changed. This error occurred and the compile time increased to 8-15 seconds for all cpp files. Compiling ( ClCompile: is still fast. But linking is very long. Warning ( Link: crashes just after linking.

How to calculate this cpp file with so many links?

  • Hm Maybe first remove the Cyrillic alphabet on the way? Anyway - collect the release version of the project, not the debug version. - gecube
  • In release, everything is fine. Quickly and without warning. Well, the essence of the problem? The fact that the file contains many links is # include or, for example, std :: map <vector <map <.. >>> I just can’t understand, it’s not described anywhere that leads to such a warning. - manking
  • Specifically, the option that leads to an error found: configuration properties / C ++ / information about the source code / include information about the source code - YES (/ FR)> When it is enabled, this> release error is triggered. BSCMAKE: error> BK1500: Internal error It is written about her in more detail that BSCMAKE is no longer supported from vs 2010. It used to be used to work with MFC and similar large libraries. That is, probably there are probably no errors in the code itself (related to this warning)? - manking
  • Well, according to my ideas, bscmake makes debugging information, and more specifically, it creates a symbol table in a special format so that it can be used in the debugger. About the fact that since 2010 bscmake is not working hear for the first time. - gecube