Good day. You can advise resources with information, manuals and lessons on Objective-c for mac os x. It is desirable in Russian, in English, too, fit.

I would be very grateful.

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    Seriously, then start with there peasants - yours man. In secret, there is a lot of dox in Xcode, if you buy a developer certificate.

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      Peasant name is Simon Allardice. He is a Mega-father in the sense of both knowledge and pedagogy - AlexThumb
    • Daaaa such teachers would be more ... Vashche tale to listen to him. - BiMaWa

    There is an OSX development course in Russian. You can still have time. learning under xCode ObjectiveC

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      Thank you, I am already on this course, from the moment it was launched, but there is not enough information. - mixailflash
    • the course is paid. - Andrew Kachalin

    There is a book in Russian - Aaron Hillegas - Objective-C. Programming for iOS and MacOS. The book came out this year. If you search well, you can find it electronically. In English, this good bulk in my opinion. Googling is enough.

      OSXDev - Resource for iOS and Mac OS developers in Russian. The site has a video course for beginners in Russian

      There are also many useful articles for novice developers