As far as I know, there is some kind of program / script / something else (sorry, I don’t know how to formulate), which comes to the site via a link and does something like a page screen. Then these screens are used to create a portfolio of works for example, how it is done here . What is this program?

  • For some reason it seems to me that this program is called PrintScreen . - Costantino Rupert
  • No, they, as far as I know, have some kind of program that crawls websites using links that they send them and take a snapshot of the page. Well, they explained it to me. I want to find out what it is and how it works. - Heidel

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Personally, I make screenshots via fireshot :

FireShot is an addon for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Seamonkey and Thunderbird that creates and edits screenshots of web pages.

  • thank you very much, good stuff - Heidel

Well , for example with a bunch of browsers / engines and OS

  • but this, as I understand it, is more to see what the page looks like in different browsers? - Heidel
  • one
    Yes exactly. Of course this is a more advanced version of printersynilki;) - thunder
  • also a useful thing) - Heidel