How to use browser mode switching in IE correctly, if I want to see how the layout looks in smaller versions, do I need to change only Browser mode (IE8 / IE7), or also need to change Document mode (IE8 / IE7 accordingly)?

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    Sorry for the offtopic, but the title “browser mode in IE” amused me. :) And if the case, then, like, none of the two, like (not sure), IE9 in IE7 mode will not draw as IE7, just support some old glitches. Usually offer to install multiple versions of IE. - drdaeman
  • what's so funny if this option in the developer’s tool is called “Browser Mode”? Yes, I know that it is better to put several versions of it, but the answer to my question is of interest. - Heidel 3:21
  • In general, it is more correct to call this the rendering mode, i.e. rendering mode. - Lucky

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Now, starting with version 9, it is possible to browse through Internet Explorer up to version 7. Press F12 (firebug). The console will pop up. Find the Browser Mode: IE 10 item and press you to select older versions of the Internet Explorer. I have Windows 8 so the browser is already 10.

  • did you even read the question? I ask if you only need to change the Browser mode option (IE8 / IE7, because I have IE9), or also to change the Document mode. - Heidel
  • If I had not read it, then I would not have had a fast from me. So you need to communicate more correctly! Switch document mode ?! Never heard. Switch browsers and that's it! If I do not understand you correctly explain. - nosensus
  • This is what this switch panel looks like in IE9 , in the Browser option the options are [IE7 - IE8 - IE9 - IE9 Compatibility View], in the option Document Mode [Compatibility Mode - IE7 Standards - IE8 Standards - Standards IE9 (default)]. I ask if I only need to change the Browser mode if I want to see what the page looks like in IE7 / IE8, or if I also need to change the document mode to Standards IE7 / Standards IE8. - Heidel
  • Thanks now understood. How many versions never switched the document mode. Perklyuchyal browser versions only. My personal note) - nosensus
  • Yes, I also always switch only the document mode, but then there was a moment that when switching to IE8 Browser Mode, the page was displayed normally, and when switching even more in document mode - Standards IE8 - the layout left, and so it was in the present live IE8. Therefore, the question arose. - Heidel

I use this switch to make sure that the js scripts work correctly in the older version. For example, all browsers normally understand the object var a = {class: 1}; except ie8 and younger. he says the wrong syntax.