Hello. There is a code that displays images from a folder in a random order.

<script> $('#prev').click(function(){ current_image --; hideControls(current_image); $('#current_image').attr('src', images[current_image]); var link = window.location.hostname + '/index.php?'; link += 'pic=' + images[current_image]; $('#link').html('<a href="http://' + link + '">' + link + '</a>'); }); </script> 

Which is displayed in the browser using this code.

 &nbsp;<a href="#" id="prev" style="display: none;"></a> 

How to make sure that I have the URL of the image in the browser row without refreshing the page?

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If you perform a very complex site search, using the phrase "address without reloading", you can find this:

And if you still search for something, you can still find: