Looked at the announcements of the new Windows 8 Mobile and thought to put it on Smart itself. Question: Is it possible to install this operating system on my Smart?

Now there is an Android latest version (4.1), while I'm happy, but I need a less eager memory system.

You can not install Windows OS. I just want to make myself faster at smart.

  • Windows mobile 8 as such is not. You had a dream. Windows Phone 8, unfortunately, does not provide the ability to install themselves on other phones. Also I advise you to say goodbye to the bucket forever and buy yourself a pretty Nokia lumia 920: 3 Perfect phone. - lampa
  • But how do you determine the fact:> Now the latest version of Android is (4.1), while I'm happy, but I need a less eager memory system. > androyd and linux with op work differently than Windows - ProkletyiPirat
  • Yes, wrong! With a friend at work is easy to discuss .. he asked, "Can I bet?" ))) without thinking twice - created the question: R - Chetson
  • and how to determine! Proc is 900 megahertz (like my first comp) but it doesn’t pull very fast ... it overloads smart if it doesn’t reboot for a long time! ... - Chetson
  • Frankly, I didn’t compare the new Windows and Android 4, but I remember exactly the androyd is eating percents (because of the virtual machine), and the OP is on the contrary efficiently, the Windows (6.5) is on the contrary ... so: I remember that you can configure the Wirth machine through the root so that it will eat less than 4 times less ... but in Windows, the trouble with the OP can not be corrected even if you crack ... google w3bsit3-dns.com and in the internet - ProkletyiPirat

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Generally you are not here (hashcode) but here:

W3bsit3-dns.com just specializes in everything related to phones.

  • Yes, I know that there is a lot of interesting things on w3bsit3-dns.com, but it is better to answer a person who is competent in questions than I’ll go right to and nakosyach =) - Chetson