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I am doing a project (scientific work at the university) there is a bunch of applet + servlet, and I often encounter problems, and when I find a solution on the Internet, I don’t understand the meaning of some operators / parts of the code (if it’s not written there). I still want to "understand" java ee. In principle, it worked with java, but I never developed web applications (any other things related to the Web). Prompt good books in Russian.

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    Check out the books:

    Java servlets and jsp, a collection of recipes (I don’t remember the author);

    Horstman java2 volume 2 subtleties of programming

    All these books are on the Internet, I advise you the first book, but in the second one there is also material

    • Well, and then read the installation of tomcat, the installation of eclipse for ee developers, and you can rejoice and code) - vanekk1

    There is also a book called "Java Philosophy" (I don’t remember the author), not really very straightforward about programming for the web, but as a tutorial it’s pretty good.