Tell me how you can make your own tag of this type
alt text ?

as I understand it, this cannot be achieved by means of only css, and need to use additional plug-ins?

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    Tru-coder always replaces select element on which handler is hung. By clicking on an element, a function is called that "shows" another element that contains the list data.

    Well, in theory. In practice, a little harder. If you need examples, you can cut the examples.

    • Show examples, please) - Heidel
    • one
    • one
      damn, it's still too difficult for me))) I would just have to figure it out with the design))) but thanks anyway))) - Heidel

    Here is an example, and then there is enough fancy.

      Yes, unfortunately, CSS is not enough for styling <select> , <input type="radio"> and <input type="checkbox"> , this requires add-ons.
      I can only advise a selection of jQuery plugins