Please report any good books on cryptography and cryptanalyst.

What exactly interests?

History, theory, practice, mathematical explanation, software implementation, etc. and so on. In general, materials that will help to understand this. And not necessarily IT'shnye books.

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    That's right called Cryptography and Cryptanalyst. The first is to encrypt, the second to decrypt, respectively. - BlackOverlord
  • @BlackOverlord, uchtu - teanYCH
  • Something I fired up after reading "Digital Fortress" - teanYCH
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    I, however, not very well aware of, but not "cryptanalysis" whether the correct word, instead of some strange "cryptanalysts"? As the name of the profession it is - yes, correct, but not as the name of the discipline. - drdaeman

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Start with Bruce Schneier’s Applied Cryptography classics.

  • @Nofate, Bruce Schneier Applied Cryptography. Protocols, algorithms, source texts in the C language. Without knowledge of C, is it worth starting to read this book? Simply, if the basis of the book is not YP, namely cryptography, then it doesn’t matter what language I know ... - teanYCH
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    Worth it. At the core is mathematics. Even for inspiration, you can read Neil Stevenson's Kryptonomicon. ) - Nofate
  • OK. thanks PS. read the description of Cryptonomicon. After the aforementioned digital fortress, I ’m happy to read) Maybe even the first thing) - teanYCH
  • I bought the Cryptonomicon) The purchased book, as luck would have it, turned out to be almost the only one in the city, so I had to run around - teanYCH
  • @ teanYCH read Digital Fortress and laughed for a long time - complete nonsense ... - Barmaley

Bruce Schneier - Applied Cryptography.

Udacity Course

Course on Coursera

    Since early November, an online course on cryptography has been opened. Says a professor from Stanford. True, half of the first part of the course has already passed, but there will be the second part , which will begin in January.

    All lectures, of course in English, but this should not scare.

      Practical cryptography + CD - ME Maslennikov

        Good day. To the above, if the topic is still relevant. William Stallings "Cryptography and Network Security. Principles and Practice" is quite accessible.