Hello everyone, tell me if it is possible to make the html files with utf-8 encoding stored on denver display normally Cyrillic, if so, how to do it, which file you need to climb and what should be changed there.

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    C: \ WebServers \ usr \ local \ apache \ conf \ httpd.conf

    AddDefaultCharset utf-8 

    But still it is better to prescribe this .htaccess business. More reliable.

    • Does the .htaccess file do it yourself or is it somewhere? and if it is where exactly in the root folder of Denver or for each site separately - Roman Sokolov
    • @ Roman Sokolov you should better read on spec. site: htaccess.net.ru/doc/htaccess/index.php more than enough for the first steps. - lampa
    • thanks, very useful information - Roman Sokolov