What components are needed to connect to a firebird database in Delphi to display these tables in a DBGrid and how should they be related by properties?

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    Tried to google? FIBPlus - Yura Ivanov
  • @Yura Ivanov components worthy but paid. - vdk company
  • @savro, consider delphi7 purchased? - Yura Ivanov
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    Why not? - vdk company

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In my projects I used Zeos components to connect to FireBird. They are third-party but free.

Installation instructions are here.

Some of the steps of connecting and linking can be viewed here , it describes the connection to mysql, but the settings are very close.

There is also a paid version of UniDac.

    If you do not use third-party components, then

    IBDataBase database itself and parameters

    IBDTransaction Transactions

    IBSQLQuery requests

    Dataset dataset

    There, in the property inspector, you will understand what to connect and how.

    • @savro I roughly anticipated the names of the components, but I could not make a bunch. - ivan89
    • base vyazhesh with transactions, with data and base. writing by hand is not necessarily everything can be done in the property inspector. - vdk company
    • @savro actually I just need to display the data in the DBGrid table. I need explicitly for this IBTable . How to connect it with the above components (I apologize for persistence, but it is very necessary)? - ivan89
    • Grid vseravno with dataset bind, a bunch of such IBbaza-IBtranzatstsii-IBTybl-dataset-DbGrid in IBTable in svyostvah prescribe what kind of table is needed. It is possible without, and in request to register request to the necessary table. - vdk company
    • @savro instead of dataset need to use datasource? - ivan89 1:16