What is telnet, what is it used for, and most importantly, how to use it in C / C ++?

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    Terminal protocol over TCP. Initially - rfc854 (then - the mass of extensions, add-ons and similar protocols). Currently, it is almost superseded by the ssh protocol - alexlz
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    I think it makes sense to add the definition to the label description and close the question. - insolor

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telnet is the data link layer protocol of the OSI model used for terminal-to-terminal, process-terminal, process-process communication.

It can be used in almost any software, so it does have a relationship with C. Read the specification for the ports and headers. Here is a small piece of information .

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    It has exactly the same relation to C as any other PL, so it’s written that it has nothing to do with C, since This is just an indication of how to work and with what. - Vladimir Klykov
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    This is an application layer protocol, not a channel protocol! - Pavel Mayorov