Hello everybody! There is a clothing store on joomla 2.5.6 + Virtuemart 2.0.10
If in the category of goods to choose "Sort by price" (or by name, for the price just more clearly), "duplication" of some goods occurs (in the category of corsets), i.e. I see the same product on different pages of this category; the Club Corset (2240) is now being doubled, and not the last and first products of the page (which could have been caused by the incorrect limit and limitstart ) are limitstart in a chaotic manner. For the experiment, I installed the same version of joomla and virtueart on a separate site, added 2 dozen products and no duplication when sorting by price, name or article number - is not observed. In the admin saw the difference

alt text

In the admin test site of this column is not

alt text

I can not understand what is wrong. Maybe someone faced a similar problem - tell me. Thank you in advance!

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    First select the category above in Filter