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There is a task to cron once every hour. In the morning, the task was performed exactly on Now it is performed a few seconds earlier.

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Hello, in the work of cron an error of a few seconds is allowed.

It is important for me that the task be performed not a second earlier, no later than on the basis of the time

What do i do?

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    set the execution for 10 (example) seconds earlier, and for t (10) seconds, check with, and wait for the time X to arrive at which the task is to be performed.

    • @ ToRcH565, I didn’t quite understand what you wrote: o >> and for t (10) seconds they check with especially this. - ModaL
    • explain in more detail to the account> and for t (10) seconds check with, and wait until the time comes X - Artyom Bulanov
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      T- the script start time you chose in brackets indicates what is selected as an example, i.e. run the script 10 seconds before the desired time, and wait until the time you want it to start, and only then begin to perform actions, and during these 10 seconds, check the accuracy of the initial launch of your script with the crown, and adjust the waiting time before the actions start ... 10 seconds just for clarity selected. - Vladimir Klykov