The situation is this: apache issues a nginx page which inserts some blocks into it via ssi. The problem is that an incomprehensible space is placed in front of the inserted block, which in the inserted block itself is not present. This space spoils the layout, but I cannot understand how to remove it. If someone met tell me how to remove?

  • I pay 100 rubles for the phone if someone really helps to solve the problem! today - greshnik
  • @greshnik, According to the rules of the forum, questions should not be limited to solving or completing student assignments. Please clarify what you have done yourself and what did not work out. where is the code, where is it to look. Psychics after the summer holiday went into hibernation, and we can not wake them up, they cause damage to all then. - Artem
  • At you 100% somewhere BOM was got :-) It spoils many imposition. - mantigatos

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it turns out you should not close pkhp tags if it is not required =) and there will be no bom