Tell me, please, how to make the text in the same style as in the logo of this site - ? Thank you in advance

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    They drew their own logo, most likely, in a vector editor, and not in a shop. You can do something like:

    1. two paths will be needed: external, what is white; and blue letters are narrower;
    2. From the exterior using 3D - Repousse you can make this volume with a white "face" and gradient sides;
    3. above - the “narrow” path: a thin stroke (Stroke) and a gradient (Gradient overlay) fill for letters.

    What, in fact, you tried to do, and what did not work out?

      Option number one - choose the font you like ala "graffiti" and write them. Option two - create your own font, which you will use. Option three - draw letters with pens: either on paper, and then scan, or immediately in some familiar program.