Hello! There was such a question: you need to add to the site the ability to edit the entered data, but there is no registration on the site, that is, you cannot determine by password and login. I wanted to make a check on ip, but it turns out that if you use anonymous proxy servers, it is impossible to extract ip. How to proceed? May ask to enter a special password for editing? But this is how registration will turn out ...

  • So do it. When you enter a message, let them enter the code word to be entered for editing. - ReinRaus
  • Thanks for the advice! - Regina
  • one
    Use authorization through VK / Twitter / FaceBook / Google / etc - Alex Kapustin
  • I'll try too! - Regina
  • There is a risk that half will introduce there the well-known trigrammaton and will edit other people's messages of the same clever people. - drdaeman

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Well, in general, you can set a cookie with some unique value (hash of the jerboys in Central Asia * phase of the moon) and keep the message to store this hash .. The hashes coincided - you can edit ..

  • Not an option. If the cookie is deleted, then no one will ever be able to edit the message. Plus, the user can have five devices to access the Internet and five browsers on each of the devices. - ReinRaus