How to make the website address short? or How, using a domain with a short name, to forward a visitor to another site with a long and not memorable address? Need HTML code!

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    Unfortunately, no way. - dogmar

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will help you drive in your URL click Shorten and here's a short name for you)

    Here is a (incomplete) list of services that allow you to redirect to your address:

    Popular services:

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      An effective solution would be to redirect directly from the server with the code 301.

      Apache .htaccess

       Redirect 301 / 


       <?php header('Location:', true, 301); exit(); ?> 

      Or on the client side using Javascript

       <script type="text/javascript"> window.location = ""; </script> 

      but using canonical for search engine optimization

       <link rel="canonical" href=""> 

      Alternatively, you can use the service to reduce links.

        I use - there is a redirect without ads. Just keep in mind that the link register is important there. But other similar services seem to be the same.