Hello! Here is a question! I create a program even empty in C #, and Avast writes that the program is malicious, how to fix it?

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    Better without antivirus than using Avast, the code has nothing to do with it. - Hamo
  • And the language has nothing to do with it, I saw a similar dummy with c ++ + mingw recently, and once upon a time Casper sinned while catching executables at the output of the Borland studio (I don’t remember any delphi or pluses)
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There is a perversion way. Run windows in safe mode. There are other ways to add to exceptions, but nothing good will come of it.

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Replacing or removing the antivirus will certainly help. But users of your program can be installed Avast. I recommend to write about the problem to the developers of the antivirus, sending them and their program.

    Udali Avast

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      And I will remain without Protection, how to fix it in C # code, and not to remove the anti-virus system. - Vlad Andreev
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      no way, change the antivirus - Yaroslav Schubert
    • Put Dr. Web - dddkk
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      >> And I will remain without Protection If you are with her now. - nitrocaster

    Heard that Kaspersky reacts to ANY code written in Delphi. It turns out that the compiler provided with a key of the form: "11111-11111" is stitched in a trojan. Perhaps in your case also ?! Ask the name of the virus, determined by Avast, in the search, and read who it is.

    • You are not quite right, Delphi had a problem, but the trojan was not sewn and was not dependent on the key, there was a substitution of one of the pas files, the code did not bring harm but at the same time copied itself to all programs that were written to delphi and the antivirus programs reacted. - vdk company
    • You are right, you more accurately expressed the idea that I could not convey. Exactly. - prog_god
    • I don’t have the name of the virus there, most likely, I’ve been talking to mingw just a suspicious program - like "not in the database, but I don’t like it" It is most likely to react to an executable file that generates other executable files, and sometimes it happens to everyone, I have already mentioned above that I encountered the same problem with Casper with Borland products (not with an infected delphi) - aknew