At the university gave a project topic: the creation of an application for Android. Normal news parser. But not the point. The point is this. I understand that applications are written in Java in Eclipse or in any other IDE. I would like to know if there are SDKs that support the ability to use other yap to create an application? WITH# ? I saw on the python implementation. But with C # I saw only one example and it was too muddy to see anything in it. Or knowing C # will be easier to learn Java and not soar ...?

  • so why do you need these sharpe / python or something else? For java for android is full of excellent documentation, examples, many problem areas chewed a million times (even here). And even more so with Sharp, in principle, it is not so difficult to switch to java. Or do you just have the interest to write in another language? If not, write to java - rasmisha
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    and better to download an example of a finished parser, to pass and score - Gorets
  • @ Gorets @rasmisha, I just wonder how the program works (it can add something, improve it) and binding to the desired language is not particularly important here, I just wanted to know if there is a possibility to use other Japanese. - Sier

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About six months ago there was news about the possibility of writing under Android on C #. All this wonderful porting event was started by Xamarin (these are the guys who work on Mono day and night trying to make .NET a little more than cross-platform than nothing) And, by the way, what I'm telling here. Better read it and see for yourself:

I hope this project is alive, although not sure

  • Alive And continues to evolve. The truth is this pleasure is not so cheap. From $ 250 to $ 1500. There is still a trial, it will be necessary to study in the evening. - Sier

I write programs for android in C ++, adding a graphical interface to java. Programs compiled on with ++ under Linux without any problems are compiled under android. Now I am engaged in xml parser.

    There is a great tool from Adobe - Flash Builder + Air SDK

    Yap Action Script 3 is very similar to C # and Java. A big plus is that the application can be assembled for several platforms at once (iOS / Android / Blackberry).

    • Thank. In the evening I will have a look at the SDK. - Sier
    • What to look at it, put Flash Builder 4.6 (4.7) and build the application, it is created there in a couple of clicks + visual UI editor. The builder has a trial for 2 months, and for students it is generally free. - ShockWave
    • Yes, now there is no time. I'm leaving for the university ... - Sier

    Enough to understand the language. If so, not the essence of what to write. Writing in Zhava. PLs are different, but not drastically (at your level of the program)

    • Well, you know, I understand programming languages, but somehow I don’t really try to write on Java. I do the main code on with ++. - mikelsv