Good day. I decided to work with Qt and Python (+ with graphics) and did not quite understand how to connect them. Put qt, python 3.2, pyside (in the python folder). But I never found in the internet how to work from Qt with python. Judging by the structure of PySide, does it contain Qt-libraries in itself, and I cannot work with it directly from qt-creator?

I work under Windows

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    You misunderstand the purpose of PySide. This is a python binding to Qt. You write under python, which calls Qt via PySide. And yes, you will not be able to work from QtCreator, you need an editor with python support. PS: PySide is the same as PyQt only under a freer license and from the creators of Qt.

    • And for Qt creator there is no extension to write on python? do not know? ps Thank you. So I understood correctly PySide - forum3
    • No, unfortunately) You can try Eclipse with a plugin for python and for Qt (this is if you want "all in one"), and use QtDesigner separately and separately one thousand and one Python editors. Something like this. ZY: my preferences 1) Sublime Text 2 (conditionally free, for quick and comfortable writing code) 2) PyCharm (paid, but its auto-complement is simply not comparable) naturally all this is purely my personal IMHO. Try it yourself, decide for yourself ...)) - kolofut
    • thanks, we will try - forum3