Is it possible to use the html5 <!DOCTYPE html> doctype in the layout, but not to use any other html5 elements (such as <header>, <section>, <article>, <footer> , etc.), but to impose with the old structure ( <div id="header">, <div id="content">, <div id="footer"> , etc.). Are there any features with layout with such a doctype? Can there be any problems? What are the benefits?

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    Sure you may. No problem. Simplicity and ease of memorization.

    • Clear, thanks, I will try. - Heidel

    Yes, of course, doctypes, if memory serves, are needed for validations and + that in IE the layout will be more or less similar to the others, it depends on the layout.

    • Under the layout, more precisely, styles, in any case, you need to adjust. - Heidel
    • Yes, of course, but with the use of Doktaypov, it will be a little easier) - Goldy