After I moved Windows from XP to XP, I was refused at all by any keys that control the brightness of the screen. Today, I climbed into the BIOS and randomly noticed that in the BIOS mode, these control keys work, therefore, in order to control the brightness, you need to send values ​​to the BIOS. Need a program that does it. Tell me how to control the brightness of the screen ... just tell me which function to use, or a piece of code that sets a certain brightness value. and I'll do the rest myself. I need code for Delphi desirable, but I would understand the code in C ++.

  • Speaking of a laptop? It will be enough to install all the drivers and utility from the manufacturer with a name like hotkey utility - gecube
  • Bios under Windows XP? Forget it. After downloading it does not exist. (That is, theoretically, programs from there can be executed under Windows, but this is very difficult). - alexlz

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Why do you need to write a program yourself? If the Acer laptop, for example, you need to put it on LaunchManager, which is on the official site in the public domain. If the laptop is a different brand, look at the manufacturer's website.

  • I was looking for such a program, I could not find it, I found it called: Easy Display Manage. It's just that I used to take a cue from the key phrase, and therefore I found all crap unnecessary .... but this is what we need - Mikhail Klimchuk