Is there a way to download packages from the android market to a computer? I read about installing the market in a virtual machine, but could not do it. My phone is not a routine, so I also can't seem to get to the packages from the inside. I found out today about the Real APK Leecher, but he also refuses to work.

Are there any other ways to get an apk package from the market? Can anyone have a description of the exchange protocol between the device with android and the market?

  • Officially, this can not be done. And I understand why. The protocol of the exchange opens the people. On Habré was an article. - KoVadim
  • one
    Download the app from the market and pull apk from the device. - tim_taller
  • @monomi, for this, you need a rooted device? but I do not have this. - mikelsv
  • Here lies the APK file of the Android Market. - Vladyslav Matviienko
  • The Market app is a bit more complicated than it seems at first glance. There is at least one additional service that helps GTalk, Push (GMS now) and various internal features (check for updates, for example). - KoVadim

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This can be of some help: Download APK from Google Play The Easiest Way