Hello! That was the question: I plan to launch a small website with about 50 visitors per day (for a start). I want to run on a home computer (the site is written in Java), it is not very powerful, the RAM is small 1 gigabyte. Tomkat will be the server for the site. So what is the minimum for the Internet is needed for the site, you just can’t find a particularly fast Internet here. With the domain everything is already in order, it is purchased, everything is ready, I do not want to use the hosting service, I want to do everything myself. For OS I want to install Ubuntu 10.10. In general, what do you think, is the OS choice made correctly, and what kind of Internet is needed.

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    I somehow raised the forum on 256 pentium with 200 megabytes of memory and 64kbps internet.

    Wasps basically go any. There should be enough memory, for a simple gigabyte site - incredibly much. I do not know how much java eats, but it should be enough too. In a question about the Internet, the main thing is to have access to your computer from the Internet. It is better to take a static ip, if the provider allows. The speed is not so important if you do not have 4 kilobits per second.

    By the way, at your leisure you can calculate how much electricity a constantly working computer will eat.

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      Just for lulz. Nothing contributes to system administration skills more than a raised, dropped and repaired server. - drdaeman
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