Hello everybody! For quite a long time, I can’t solve the problem of installing ImageMagick under Windows, there’s no problem with the program itself, but with the zapara php extension, I tried many different dlls, I read many manuals on this topic, but everything was empty. Most often, Apache gives an error, however, when I find the dll at which the server starts up, while using the phpinfo () command, ImageMagick is not visible.

I hope very much for your help.

PS Already thinking about the transition to Ubuntu, there seems to be this installation takes almost nothing, but this is not a very desirable option.

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    Better go to Ubuntu. I also think about it, so many times I tried to put this ImageMagick on Windu and everything was in vain, but under the Linux axes they say in a couple of clicks everything is done. Well, or as an alternative, put a virtual machine and Ubuntu on it specifically for programming.

    • Yes, unequivocally, I will not go beyond virtual Ubuntu))) - cho0pa
    • What's wrong with Ubuntu? - Jeremen1
    • one
      Ubuntu is not Windows, and just take it and go completely to it, not everyone can - cho0pa
    • How strange you are. Speak about virtualku, and then "completely to pass". Windows will not disappear anywhere (at least for now). - alexlz