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Before this kodil on php, I know mysql, html, js. I understand the algorithms, the brain is rotated correctly and aligned with the hands) A book is needed for learning C ++, but without chewing and water, but also not very steep, I wish there were more examples in it. Advise something. Language: ENG / RUS.

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Here are more links to one interesting blog:

Books for beginners

Continuing Books

And in general, the blog in my opinion is very interesting, I recommend to read.

  • five
    to complete the list, it was necessary, in addition to books for beginners and those who continue to give more books for finished))) - DreamChild
  • Very good links (by the way, both for one resource). Discussion of books there I liked most. - avp
  1. S. Lippmann - C ++ for beginners (3rd ed.) (The book is very lengthy, and, despite the title, not for teapots)
  2. B. Straustrup - C ++ Programming Language (in general, the most classic classics, although it is believed that Stroustrup writes boring and academic)
  3. B. Straustrup - Programming. Principles and practice of using C ++
  4. B. Straustrup - Design and Evolution of C ++
  5. B. Ekkel - Philosophy C ++
  6. Plus another 100,500 books by Meyers and Sutter

In general, IMHO, in vain you started with php

  • This is not a comment, but a question for everyone. No one met a small (say, up to 300 pages), but a fairly comprehensive reference book on C ++? It is desirable not too formal description with fragmentary examples. Something for those who know C well and read something in C ++. Is this even possible? - I remember there was a reference book on C-pocket format, pages per 100, even with a brief description of the main functions of libc. It is clear that the volume of C ++ is much larger. - avp
  • @avp, I'm afraid that c'est impossible by definition. Although, if the fine premelkom font and A4 pages, more or less work. - skegg
  • It's a pity. Right now I downloaded the "Design and Evolution of C ++" (I started reading), there are 450 pages. Surely 3 times it can be shrunk. - avp
  • Is this a reference book or a textbook? - skegg
  • Most good books on C ++ have a volume of about 1000-1500 pages due to the fact that the language is rather complicated, and also has a very large library, and even if you throw out from these books what is written "for teapots" (pages 200 from ), it is still hard to shrink the material does not work. And if you leave all the most-most important thing, you get something difficult to read, according to which you can learn little. And this book is unlikely to be of interest to a wide circle of readers - DreamChild

I can advise you on C ++ courses from INTUIT.RU, which I once prepared for myself in a convenient dock format. This is not a textbook for a beginner, and not just a reference book, but something between them, with full-fledged examples and exercises. All information is rather structured and compressed. At this link you can download an archive of 18 courses. ( Note : for these courses I studied PHP)

  • Upload is something! - avp
  • Just recently, I saw one of their lessons on c ++ - they recommended using iostream.h, which was outdated 10-15 years ago. - KoVadim

This list will certainly help you: The Definitive C ++ Book Guide and List .