Hello, tell me please, how can you find out that the round in the game counter-strike 1.6 has begun? Write sniffer to catch packets? read data in memory (like artmoney)? Can there be any other ways? If you write a sniffer, do you need to pick a protocol for this? Any programming language.

I will be glad to hear the easiest way. Thank.

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Saw a plugin that will knock somewhere that a new round has begun.

The solution "in the forehead" on the client.

As I know, when we turn off the game, and first die in it, then with each new round the mouse cursor moves on the screen in the coordinate 1 (x), 1 (y).

A crutch was written on AutoIT:

Anyone can also download the program in my blog:

autoIT minimized Counter-Strike window and a new round.

The code itself:

#cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: Author: lampa Script Function: Check new round #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- $process = WinGetHandle ("Counter-Strike"); ; проверка на активность приложения If ProcessExists ($process) == false Then MsgBox(0,0, 'hl.exe не запущен!') exit; EndIf ; получаем координаты мышки при старте $_COORD = MouseGetPos() ; в цикле проверяем, не переместилась ли резко мышь вверх влево while(1) If NOT BitAnd(WinGetState ($process), 16) Then Sleep(1000) ContinueLoop EndIf ; раз в 100 мс проверяем координаты мыши $_COORD_TMP = MouseGetPos() ; если координата top && left на 0 и предыдущая координата top && left <> 0, то If $_COORD_TMP[0] == 0 AND $_COORD_TMP[1] == 0 AND $_COORD[0] <> 0 AND $_COORD[1] <> 0 Then $_COORD = $_COORD_TMP; MsgBox(0,0, 'Новый раунд'); ElseIf $_COORD_TMP[0] <> 0 AND $_COORD_TMP[1] <> 0 AND $_COORD[0] == 0 AND $_COORD[1] == 0 Then $_COORD = $_COORD_TMP; EndIf Sleep(100) WEnd 
  • Just for this, I want to write a program, because the plugin is placed on the server, to most of which I do not have access. Need a solution on the client side. - cyberdream
  • examine the SDK CS, the plugins are written there, sort of like for the client part - thunder
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    @cyberdream on the weekend I'll see something. - lampa
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    @lampa, poson, cover up! I rush) Well, in this case, with an average roundtime of 1.45, even if you are gaffing in the first 15 seconds (again, this should be done), that is, a full minute and a half for Habr. - teanYCH

You can download amxbans 6.0 , this is a web muzzle on php, there in the engine there is a module for communicating with the game itself, dig in there. And as an option to sip the plugin, as above said lampa. And as I know the plugin for amx is easier to cut than for the game itself, amx (as I understand it) the library for communicating with the game.

  • There is only monitoring. The simplest functions are players, cards, etc. - lampa
  • the webmord most likely works from the server's database to which the client usually cannot connect - cyberdream
  • @cyberdream not, it works directly with the game itself - ViruSkin

You can see here , the site specializes in all kinds of mods / scripts / snippets, etc. for everything that uses the valve engine

  • No, that's not it. If you ask, then only on the allied mods :-) - lampa