Everywhere it says that to connect to firebird, you need to specify the database in the format <computer address>: <location of the database file on the computer> eg MySQL, PostgreSQL)? How can I know the directory structure on someone else's computer?

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    You may not know. On the database server there is a special file aliases.conf , which stores mappings of the database name and the path to the file where it is stored.

     # псевдоним = путь/к/файлу.fdb # База данных 1 (моя 2012) mydatabase2012 = /opt/firebird/data/filename.fdb # База данных 2 и 3 mydatabase2 = /opt/firebird/data/otherfile.fdb mydatabase3 = /home/vasya/firebirddatabases/vasyadbsuperpuper.fdb 

    When connecting to the server, specify the username, password, and nickname.