Hello comrades! I decided to implement a CNC without .htaccess as follows:

the query will be: mysite.zone/?/show_page/name/number

<?php preg_match_all('#\/([a-z0-9_]*)#', $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], $index_qs); echo $index_qs[1][0];//show_page echo $index_qs[1][1];//name echo $index_qs[1][2];//number ?> 

Question: what are the search engine robots for such URl addresses? What possible problems may arise when using such URLs ?

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    as for me - it is not fraught with anything, except perhaps not as beautiful as with .htaccess:]

    If I were you, I would make a router that would hang its action on every possible URL:]

      Nothing but:

      1. Still, beautiful will be mysite.zone/show_page/name/number (done in 404)
      2. You should not forget to give the correct 404 when necessary.