There is a custom listbox, the interface of each item is selected by a selector, depending on the presence of certain properties. One of the interfaces has 2 textbox and image. When I click on an image, I need to go to another page and open a browser in it with the URL, which is a property of the item that was clicked. There is no problem with transferring information to another page, but how to get the URL of the exact item you clicked on? According to the index, I can get to any collection item, but I don’t know exactly which item has image and URL.

ps: the send event text is of type image, type string

New tmp = ((sender as ListBox).SelectedItem as New); 

does not work.

  • Make the correct event generation by clicking on Image. - nitrocaster
  • is it possible in more detail? in xaml I have <Image Source = "{Binding Video [0]. Big}" Margin = "10" Grid. Color = "1" Grid. Row = "2" Tap = "Video_Tap" /> and in the code - private void Video_Tap (object sender, GestureEEventArgs e) {New tmp = ((sender as ListBox). SelectedItem as New); etc. - eg01st

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