Pass an online test from the institute. Some questions I can not find the answer.

  • The number of cascading style levels in HTML?
  • Where are CGI scripts executed?
  • Where are SSI commands executed?
  • When using SSI will the HTTP server load increase?

On 2 and 3 I seem to know the answer, but I’m not sure: are both of them running on the web server?

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    1. Probably meant h1-h6. Therefore, the answer is 6.
    2. Yes, on the server.
    3. On server. Then they S erver S ide I nclude.
    4. With the wrong approach - yes, of course. In any case, the server has to compose the page.
    • Thank you very much. So on the 4th answer, the load will not change, or will it increase? - iproger
    • will increase. But it is unlikely to decrease. - KoVadim