How and where to get a license for the program and the system (your computer) to it. What documents are needed for this in Ukraine, in Kherson?

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  • Nothing is clear from your question, if I understood correctly, you want to have only licensed software. Then write a list of programs that you use. Go to any company that sells computers (more), and find out how much it costs. Next you need to clean the list of unnecessary and buy them. Well, install on your computer. :) - jmu
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what is meant by the concept:

to license

  • Do you want to register the ownership of the Software?

then look under which license the compiler is released with which you compiled the software.

  • Do you want to get a license to your computer (processor, memory, etc.)?

then you need to submit a patent for the invention and copyright certificate

  • Either you have a computer on which "there is everything!" and you want to legalize everything (the shop is not planted)?

then demolish everything, format everything too, invite certification specialists - pay for the installation (the cost of the usual pirate package is about a few thousand dollars), and enjoy life!

    Apparently, the questioner wishes to register the copyright of the program written by him. In the Russian Federation, there is Rospatent for this, in Ukraine there is a department with similar functions. Search their site, everything should be written there and prepare money