Please tell me what are the programming languages ​​(except C ++) with a syntax similar to C #, to support OOP and not use the automatic garbage collector.

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    @VladD I'm just used to c like syntax. When rendering graphics and processing it, manual memory management is still much better than automatic. - unior00p
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    @ unior00p: ah, manual graphics rendering! Then it is clear. Maybe then, well, her, object orientation? Write rendering on pure C, and business logic in some suitable language for this, but at least on the same C #? - VladD
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    @ o2n3e: you have not led the opinion of experts. Try simple tests for the speed of memory allocation in C ++ and C #, maybe you will be surprised at the result. In the meantime, I don’t see a single gram of evidence in your arguments, sorry. I consider further discussion, before you provide a substantiated expert opinion, as non-constructive. - VladD
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    Now you imagine that you are walking along the road and throwing pieces of paper on the floor, and the scavenger is following you. He has to pick up every piece of paper and look - if there is a point on it, if there is - he picks it up. You cannot go together with the garbage man, because you will run out of paper and he will never catch up with you - therefore, every time the garbage man starts walking towards you, you stop. The garbage man goes his way - checks all the papers thrown by you, collects with a dot and gives them to you. Then he returns to the beginning of his journey. Or: You go and before you throw a piece of paper you look - if you don’t throw a dot. - o2n3e
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    Not to mix high and low? - Vladimir Gordeev

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Vala For CSharp Programmers

  • Thank you for what you need! - unior00p
  • @Merlin, isn't there a garbage collection in Vala? - avp
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    Yes, but [you can manage memory manually] [1] [1]: - Merlin

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