I created a project on Delphi 7. I saved and reopened it - this is *.pas - the launch buttons and ctrl + f9 are not active, how to fix this bug?

The project without saving compiled, after saving such garbage. I used to meet with this once, now I’m tired of it and I want to fix it once and for all.

  • saved / loaded right? This happens if you do not download the project, and its files - xEdelweiss
  • Yes, apparently you opened only a unit. And it was necessary to open the project, as mentioned above. try File-> Open Project-> Your project (Go to the folder where you saved, Delphi see the project with the extension .dpr) - Vfvtnjd
  • Yes, of course, I tried to save differently, the project opens. - Arsentiy Suvorov

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A project in Delphi consists of several files:

* .pas source code

* .dpr project file

* .dfm form file

* .res resource file

* .dcu compiled source file

Any IDE file will open but in order for the project to be opened, you need to open * .dpr

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    It seems to me that the dcu is too much here - delphist007
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    Why superfluous? These are all components of the project, there are projects without DFM , there are projects with DCU but without PAS , there are projects with PAS but without DCU - vdk company
  • I saved Unit1.dfm and Unit1.pas. I am opening the pas, the compilation of the project will be missing - Arsenty Suvorov
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    You need to create a new project and replace and modify the appropriate source code. - Sugar Sugar
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    In the same folder there is a * .DPR here and open it. and save as Save as Project - vdk company