Should I use jQuery UI or just pure jQuery?

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    Any strange question. This is a jQuery-based library. This is a personal matter for everyone. use ready or write yourself. I don’t see anything bad in jQueryUI, at least for now ... Only advantages, many of the possibilities were useful to me. - abibock_un
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    the author, do you at least understand that jQuery and jQuery UI are two rather different things? - DreamChild

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jQuery is a javascript framework. jQuery UI is a set of ready-made widgets (calendars, different blocks, effects, etc.) on jquery. jQuery UI and jQuery are DIFFERENT things. You can make lotions (which are in jQuery UI) by yourself or take them ready for you.

    Why jQuery? All the more jQuery UI? Write on the native "merciless" javascript - e. Then you will understand whether to go or not.

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      what does native js not suit you?)) - nolka
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      @nolka, I have nothing against the native. But time does not wait, alas, well, you know perfectly well :) - Vfvtnjd