Standard login to the site with authorization is as follows:

curl -u username:password 

If you substitute a password


to the command, then bash is looking for the closing of a single quote, and curl may be acting out of the box because of a colon.

  • What is the problem then? Where is the code, where is what? So take and log in. - lampa
  • Exactly, thanks! curl -u username: 123 \: \ '\ "456 - umbrella
  • one
    And the question should actually sound "how to screen quotes in bash", has absolutely nothing to do with curl. - VladD
  • @VladD well, maybe a person just didn't know about it :-) - lampa
  • @lampa: add as an answer, huh? - VladD

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try to substitute slashes?

 curl -u "123:'\"456" 

those. screen quotes