I decided to reject (at least for a while) great plans and transcendental dreams and to do what I can earn for my bread and butter. For some reason, wherever I read the answers to such questions, they were always vague and incomprehensible. That is, in fact, the question: what minimum of knowledge should a freelance web designer have in order to live only on the income from orders. Ssylochkam this very minimum will also be happy. Thank.

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  • Maybe I don’t know something, but I personally don’t know a single web designer who would be fed exclusively by freelancing. Everybody has something else to keep his pants up: what a job, what a dagger and all that. Feeding only freelance in my opinion it is unrealistic. - Barmaley
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    @Barmaley, it’s realistic to find long-term projects. True, the level for this is needed higher than "I read about PHP and the basics of web design" :) Yes, and they often say "freelance", but in fact it turns out to be just remote work with a relatively free schedule. But - on serious projects, under an employment contract, for a long time, with trips to offline meetings, etc. - user6550

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I think the answer to this question is not so difficult to find - go to any more or less large freelance resource (or better all more or less large at once) and study the whole range of orders - who orders what languages, technologies, libraries and frameworks most popular. After studying all this magnificence, you can get a more or less accurate picture of what interests you. His humble opinion would venture to suggest that most of the work for PHP programmers (plus mandatory JavaScript, HTML, CSS ... in general, and the Swiss, and the reaper, and the duda igrts) Surely requires knowledge of some Joomla or Bitrix or Drupal . But, most likely, such programmers work mainly for food

    A freelance webdesigner must be: 1) a designer (how to become a designer is a separate question) and 2) a webdesigner (that is, it’s good enough to understand web technologies to understand what design techniques are appropriate and what doesn’t, how does a browser window differ from book page or paper booklet, etc.). Without these things, he will only be a freelancer, that is, to rivet some crafts for the cost of "lunch" at McDonalds :)