Good day! They gave a task to study - to describe the advantages and disadvantages of the delphi 7 environment as compared to visual studio 12. Help.

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  • there it is written in Russian and in white - they were asked to study - woland
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    Yes, the comparison, of course, is not in favor of the Delphi, and very strange - it is like a warm and gentle comparison. On the other hand, both that, and that - RAD'Y so it is quite possible to try. First you need to highlight the comparison criteria. And after that they drove the content part. You can start at least with the differences between languages ​​and the extensibility of environments with other language tools - gecube
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    Hmm, monsieur knows a lot about perversions - nevertheless delphi 7 was released in 2002, if I'm not mistaken, and VS 2012 - you know what. And the conclusions here suggest the following: 1. The teacher who asked it is clearly a sadomasochist with necrophilic inclinations - in order to mock at the corpse of the 7th delphi, you must have an unhealthy psyche. 2. The level of our education scares us - if programmers in many universities still teach through rotten technologies and languages ​​that have become covered with deserved mold, then this clearly speaks against our educational system. - DreamChild
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    @DreamChild, I have nothing against learning pascal / delphi in the early stages of learning. I was more surprised by the task itself. - teanYCH
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    @DreamChild, IMHO, with the 2nd paragraph do not agree. There are people who write on asm, Fortran. Looking with what tool, who knows how to use it. The technology is probably not strong compared to VS 2012, but not exactly deserved by the mold. - Vfvtnjd

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If so the teacher raised the question, then most likely he just does not like Delphi, or does not know (does not want to know) about the new versions. But if it was my ticket and so the question was raised, I would answer somewhere like that.

Delfi7, pluses:

  • It works on really ancient machines (I personally ran on the first Pentium, 166 MHz + 48 OZU, and small programs can be made and compiled).
  • takes up little space (like 200-300 megabytes on disk).
  • does not require .NET.
  • works on windows 2000 and older.
  • The list of bugs has long been known. The system is predictable.
  • in most cases, no extra dll / manifest is needed.
  • you can not install, but simply unpack from the archive and readjust a little and you can work.


  • Questions on it in the forums need to be asked carefully - they can float and call them necrophilia.
  • BDE (but many like it)
  • large exe size (yes, a couple of hundred kilobytes).
  • You can not write on c ++ (sarcasm sign, raised from the back of the desks).

VS2012, advantages:

  • newfangled system. You look awesome on the forums (sarcasm sign).
  • The heaped up design causing delight of blondes (caps in the menu).
  • tons of lotions, some names that cause ecstasy.
  • You can write on a bunch of languages. That only costs with ++ in two modifications.
  • support of the latest standard with ++ 0x
  • support 8 windows with metro style.


  • only one installation for a couple of gigabytes.
  • after installation, a lot of garbage is found, starting with device emulators and ending with servers that just want CPU time.
  • once again reworked interface.
  • new, uncharted bugs.
  • It does not support Delphi (although there is Delphi Prism, which works as a plugin, but is it available for 2012?).

A sign of a successful answer will be friendly laughter from the back desks and a call to the dean due to bullying from the teacher.

  • Sorry, but why Delphi C ++? For C ++, there is Borland C ++ Builder. - MrGons18

With Visual Studio can compete except with RAD Studio. Both - modern products, many of which support. According to C ++ languages ​​and more ... By platforms: windows and others. These are modern products. And Delphi (Zaporozhets) wasn’t whimsical, he was driving, but it was good yesterday and it suited everyone. Good luck in writing.

    Especially for you.

    Delphi wiki
    Visual studio wiki

    Delphi 7 seller's website with a description
    Small-sized about VS12

    well and further in the same vein

      The guys correctly in kamentah wrote that only an idiot can compare 2 completely different IDE, released at completely different times.

      Delphi 7 was released in 2002, VS 2012 - in 2012. Differences - 100.5 billion. The first one is the development language. These are different, so to speak, platforms, it is incorrect to compare them.

      But if you need to do this, just read the wiki about Delphi, and DelFyachy’s technologies, and about Visual Studio.

        Delphi: Pros:

        • very large selection of components for programming.
        • It is necessary to program on Pascal (Object) (pascal easy for learning)
        • the compiler is good enough.
        • large selection of API functions.
        • program tracing
        • Big Help Cons:
        • full version takes up a lot of space (I have 500 MB)
        • poor iron support (don't even dream about Android)

        I recommend Java. It supports a lot of systems and hardware.

        • Add: does not support Unicode (Delphi), close to the 2009 or 2010 versions, I do not remember exactly, but 7 ka does not support exactly. - Vfvtnjd
        • @ MrGons18 many systems and hardware? yes of course :) - KoVadim
        • > very large selection of components for programming. Speech about VCL or third-party libraries? > it is necessary to program on Pascal (Object) (pascal easy for learning) is not a plus, but a feature. ObjectPascal itself is probably not the best oop language. > the compiler is good enough. shit. In addition, there are alternatives - FPC, for example. But how to fasten it to the dolphins? > large selection of API functions. ??? > great Help and MSDN even more. > the full version takes up a lot of space (I have 500 MB) which thread $ * # ^ $ * @ Platform SDK from the studio 300 meters can take. And this is without a toolchain. - gecube