Recently I transferred websites to a new server, and today I go to my website and see the following picture:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function session_start () in /home/makan/data/www/gid28.ru/blocks/db.php on line 2

session_start () - built-in function in PHP? it is so? And with what can be associated with such a blunt.

I hope for your answers, I have about 30 sites got a stake ....

  • Tolko tried to remove session_start (); and the server gives me: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect () in /home/makan/data/www/gid28.ru/blocks/db.php on line 3 - makan
  • Hm Maybe something is wrong with the settings on the new server? - VladD
  • It is clear that with the settings, only with what, and what has changed, if for almost a month everything was fine, and now this is the kind of thing, by the way I just did "php as cgi" and the errors disappeared, and before that it was indicated in the settings: php Apache module - makan

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You are right in principle, only there not php was configured incorrectly, and the problem was that Apche had the wrong path to php.ini and, accordingly, all the problems went away. And why this happened, is still a mystery, the hoster is silent about this. Although a few hours later everything worked ... Thank you all for the answers !!

    The problem is not with the settings but with the fact that the PHP module was compiled without session support.