Hello. Need your help. I don’t really understand how to work with frameworks. Explain why they are needed and how to use them. (frameworks - First , Second , well, not without the famous third Thank you for your attention Yours

  • More precisely, for what they are needed, I know. But how to use .. - NanoProfessional
  • How to use it is written in the documentation for the framework. - Zhukov Roman
  • And the Russian-language documentation for these frameworks somewhere there? - Heidel

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Framework needed for faster / simplified application development. The CSS framework allows you to more quickly create a cute site. You will not need to draw something there yourself and will not need to think "what properties to apply to the element so that it is always on top" (for example). Everything is already done for you. All you need to do is point the desired element to the desired class (or id).

And if you do not understand how to work with each of these frameworks, then read the documentation ahead :) But the bottom line is that you only need to specify the necessary classes or id (depending on what is written in the documentation)

  • @KryDos described everything correctly. I myself use bootstrap (twitter), and it suits me perfectly. - Vfvtnjd

Create an html page, connect framework styles

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<framework>.css" > 

And you make up the page using the framework classes. Something like that and nothing complicated