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The question is: there is any field in the browser. When inserting data from the buffer into it, you need to take this data, format it as you see fit, and then insert it into the input field.

The onpaste event on the android does not work. oninput does not give access to the data in the buffer. window.clipboardData is not implemented due to security policy.

  • >> implemented due to security policy is key - KoVadim
  • Yes, but in Safari because onpaste works, and there you can get to the data that is put in the field. I suppose that there is some way to immediately insert formatted data from the buffer into the input field. - Anton Mukhin
  • Paste into the box is simple. Nobody bothers to clean the field and insert what you need. - KoVadim 2:21 pm
  • I would try to paste from the buffer into the field, then take the text from there, format it as needed and paste it back - Roman Zakharov
  • @ Roman Zakharov, @KoVadim, definitely what you say is the only way. There's nothing to be done. One thread, alter your comment in response, I will accept it as the right one. - Anton Mukhin

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Here, see how you can block the insertion in the text field. Works through bind

An example of a response by reference (the second way to really change the data)