sabzh. When a band appears, the site shifts to the left by a few pixels. How to remove this effect? so that regardless of the presence / absence of a band, the site is always in 1st place.

  • I wouldn’t have bothered about this “problem” ... :) Fill the site with content and the problem will be gone;) - thunder
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    Repeat question 79543 - mantigatos

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make the scroll bar always visible to your friend. or vice versa remove it visually.

read about overflow

  • then how did contact make it? - Garfild
  • And contact all javascript'om calculates and fixes. - ling
  • Yes, I glanced briefly - there everything is done on css and javascript display control for scollbars. look firebug'om - thunder
html {margin-right: calc(-1 * (100vw - 100%));} 

    Just-faced the same problem. Content after loading jerks to the left due to the disappearance of the scroll bar to the right. The problem is solved by setting the overfow-y: hidden property for the problem container, which initially prevents this band from appearing.

      Maybe so?

       body { overflow: hidden; } 
      • Interesting)) and how to scroll through the content? - markuper
      • wheel;) it will work. - thunder
      • @thunder will not be - Vearo