After installing WebMatrix, I can not access localhost, writes that it cannot find the Error 404 page. is registered in the hosts localhost file

WebMatrix has already been deleted, Denwer reinstalled a couple of times - it did not help

What could be wrong?

  • 1) check \ usr \ local \ apache \ conf \ vhosts.conf, \ usr \ local \ apache \ conf \ httpd.conf 2) Apache binary is not running. 3) it may be in conflict with some kind of service (application). Just in case, check the firewall. 4) By the way, what OS? - Vfvtnjd
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    is the port not busy? - oldzas
  • Yes, I was busy - Pavel Petrov
  • And before that, I suppose Skype was working, which also sits for 80m? @Vfvtnjd once a person talks about Denwer, I dare to suggest that Windows :) - Barton

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In the httpd.conf file I changed the port to 888 and it all worked.

# Listen $&{ip:-}:$&{port:-80} #NameVirtualHost $&{ip:-}:$&{port:-80} #< VirtualHost $&{ip:-}:$&{port:-80} >