Can I create software php page?

  • You can, of course, and what language do you need? And for what? And where is phpmyadmin ? - BOPOH
  • I need to create php in php. Well, in the social. networks - MrGons18
  • And what is the problem? Ordinary text file, only with the extension php . - VladD
  • I need it programmatically. What is the function? - MrGons18
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    Try Google, it helps, really! It helped me -> There was an example: <? Php $ fp = fopen ('data.txt ',' w '); fwrite ($ fp, '1'); fwrite ($ fp, '23'); fclose ($ fp); ?> Cool, right? - VladD

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 $fh = fopen($file, 'w', '666'); fwrite($fh, "..."); fclose($fh); require_once($file); return new $file_classname(); 

$ file is the name of the file, file_classname is the name of the class created in this file.

But why this ???

Well, in the social. networks (user profiles)

There not php-files are created, and html-pages are formed on the basis of various initial data.

We must first read about PHP, and then do "as in social networks".