Hello to all. Advise, please, adequate literature on the Delphi assembler.

I take the first steps, I realized that sishnye and native assembler manuals are not very relevant (I started to get confused in registers and commands), I mastered the examples on delphisources.ru, but they are too general. The level of knowledge is, let's say, good in Delphi (multi-threaded applications with networks, graphics, etc.), and very initial in asm (the latter is the addition of dynamic array of short , that is, complex analysis and, God forbid, I don’t know ).

I would like a "practical guide to mastering" with a bunch of examples and basic theory.

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    Here is a pretty good book http://www.delphiexpert.ru/view_download.php?id=7 on using assembly language in Delphi

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