Generally. There are 3 files for parsing. There are two options for connecting them

for ($q=1; $q<4; $q++) { $str='page0'.$q.'.html'; $string = ""; $string=file_ get_contents($str); } 


 $pages = array(); $pages[] = "page01.html"; $pages[] = "page02.html"; $pages[] = "page03.html"; $string = ""; foreach ($pages as $key) { $string .= file_ get_contents($key); } 

The second works perfectly, but you need the first option. Tell me what to replace? I will throw off all code on demand. Please help for myself in neponyatka ...

  • Thank you) I just flew out of my head - kreatif74

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In the first variant, there is no concatenation ( $string=file_ get_contents ) of the reading results, and in the second one ( $string .= file_ get_contents ).